About - Color Me Kale

Never feel miserable in your body again. Like, EVER again.

It’s time for more of what you want.

More sex. The passionate kind that leaves you breathless and tingling.

More confidence. When you step into that beautiful black dress, when you walk into a room, when you walk out of it, and, god dammit, every time you look in the mirror.

More freedom. To eat the food that makes you say ‘mmmmm’ and to wear clothes that actually fit and don’t just cover up the curves.

And, of course, more deep, devoted, deliberate love.


The question is, how? Because right now, you and food just DON’T get on.

What should be a beautiful friendship is more of a battle. A burden that you can’t seem to shake. Should you be eating a carb-free, high-fat diet OR anti-inflammatory paleo?

However you label it, the relationship isn’t healthy and it’s downright confusing. We’re talking late night take-outs one night because you’re too exhausted to cook, healthy eating plans the next (but they never seem to fit into your schedule for long enough to make a difference), and let’s be honest, you’d rather count ANYTHING but calories, carbs, or points.

“Crystal is so fun to work with! And she really cares about you! Her program was easy to follow and so full of yumminess and healthy goodness that was easy to make. I have a totally different view on myself and food! It was so fun to go through the process and notice the differences in my body.”

Willow Eskridge

Let me ask you something.

Does your hairbrush ever hurt your feelings? (Stick with me here…)

How about your soap dispenser?

Or maybe your fancy electric toothbrush bosses you around?


Then why would you let your bathroom scale control the way you feel?

Or the lab results from your doctor?

You are not defined by a number in a plastic box. Or by a reflection in the mirror. Or by the lab results from your doctor that say there’s something “wrong” with you.

You are defined by your strong heart, fierce ambition, and unwavering love for everything you hold dear.

Bottom line.

You want clarity around which foods will leave you feeling alive and energized, and taste good too. You are ready for simplicity in the kitchen and when going out to eat. You want to rid yourself of the major gut disruption that leaves you feeling bloated, embarrassed, and gassy. You want to shed some weight, but you don’t want to obsess over it. You want to look at yourself and feel sexy again, and have so much energy and happiness in your bones that you forget about the stress, but you don’t know how.

Good news is, I know how.

I’m Crystal, Certified Cellular Regeneration Detoxification Specialist and Emotional Eating coach. And your biggest supporter. This is Color Me Kale, the safe place for the busy woman who loves food but not her body and believes that her battle with food may just be a life-long war.

I’m here to tell you that it is possible, because I’ve done it, and that heck yes, you are worthy.

Here’s a snippet of my story…

A few years back, I struggled with weight gain, acne, low self-esteem, as well as digestive and auto-immune issues that left me in pain every single day. We’re talking crying in bed kind of pain (I even had to quit my job and drop out of school). 

So I ate food to make me ‘feel’ better. But, in reality, it didn’t make me feel better at all. Things just got worse and my life and body spiraled out of control. I got stuck in a vicious cycle of trying to ‘fix’ myself, going to every specialist in the state, and trying every hot new ‘diet’ that promised to solve all my issues. 

It was confusing and nothing worked. In fact, it only made me feel worse. 

So I had a really tough talk with myself one day, and I realized that I was using food as a substitute for love and for freedom. While all my colleagues were out creating lucrative careers, I was using food as a form of power because it was the only thing that I felt I had control over. I believed that if I kept just pushing myself forward, eventually I would find the magic pill or treatment that would rid myself of the weight and physical pain that was ailing me. 

Food had become my drug of choice and my mental and physical health was failing. 

Cue: A one-time meeting with a healer (aka phenomenal doctor) that introduced me to a whole new way of looking at food and medicine that changed my life forever. Once I realized that my emotions were linked to the food I was eating, and that the food I was eating was linked to the way my body felt, I started making choices that were not only rooted in science, but in tune with my body and nature. 

I became obsessed with digestive wellness, detoxification, personal development, and ancient healing modalities. It was out with the meat, dairy, dieting, and beige food and in with the fruit, veggies, and herbs. 

My health transformed. There’s no other word for it. Instead of dragging myself out of bed in the mornings, I’d bounce out of it with tons of energy. Rather than spending my days struggling to concentrate, feeling miserable about myself, and occasionally crying into a tub of chocolate ice cream, I’d be crazy productive, dance like a wild woman, and look at myself in the mirror with a smile on my face instead of tears in my eyes.

ME THEN: binge eater, chronic dieter, stressed workaholic.

ME NOW: food lover, hater of the word ‘diet’, stress-free (almost) business owner.

My life began to transform, I went back to school, graduated, and began developing a lifestyle and wellness company which you know now as Color Me Kale. 

After studying under my mentor Dr. Morse, I  have been able to create a unique system of combining science and self-care to help my clients find freedom from dieting, digestive issues, fatigue, and hormonal imbalance.

Long story short: I learned how to create a healthier lifestyle.

Diet = Deprivation. (Umm, no thanks.)

Color Me Kale = Healthy Indulgence.

To (tortilla) wrap this up, I’ll leave you with these three Color Me Kale values:

Food should be flexible and fun. After all, no-one wants to spend 3 hours a day in the kitchen in the pursuit of healthiness and only have salads to show for it. And you shouldn’t feel like you can’t have a healthy diet AND a social life. You can have both and I’ll show you how.

You are worth more than just managing your symptoms or carb-counting. Self-love is about more than saying “I love you” in the mirror each morning or spending 3 hours a week at the spa (though I highly recommend it). It’s about how you take care of yourself, inside and out, in each and every moment. When you fuse the simple science of everyday detoxification with internal well-being you find freedom that lasts longer than your pint of ice cream.


Loving your body and finding freedom from physical issues isn’t just about food. It is also about your belief system and every aspect of the rest of your life. There is no such thing as willpower and you are not broken- the system is. And I am here to shine a light on how to create your own blueprint for full-self nourishment and total food freedom.


It’s time to shed that weight you’ve been feeling miserable over for oh so long, discover delicious, healthy recipes you can whip up in minutes (voila!), and make your body your best friend.

(Oh, and have crazy amazing sex.)

You with me?