Come home to your body and awaken 
to the rhythm of your soul.
A retreat to call in the New Year with Crystal Gordon and Brandy Berlin at Apoyo Lodge in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua.
~ December 30, 2017 through January 4, 2018 ~
Calling All Heart Adventurers! 
Do you yearn to establish a more intimate relationship between your physical and spiritual self and bring more pleasure into your feminine body?

We are, after all, spiritual beings having a human experience, and a large part of this experience is being in communion and co-creation with our physical body in the physical world. Our body is a barometer, an inspired gift, and the way we listen to and care for it is a reflection of our consciousness and gratitude. 

The energy you put in is the energy you get out, so how do you nourish yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually? Explore the physical and emotional side of your body's messages and signals, get to the root of discomfort, and learn how to release stuck energy blocking you from your vitality and freedom.

Before stepping into 2018, you will leave behind stuck energy that is blocking you from vitality and freedom and feel more connected to your true nature and bring in the New Year with calm clarity, joy-filled expression, and passion. 
What will you leave behind? What are you calling in?
What part of you has been longing for nourishment? How do you fuel your divine vehicle of discovery and manifestation?

What we eat is a prayer to our body. What foods (and other substances) do you allow to enter your temple and to what effect, and why do you make those choices? We will craft your personal food freedom blueprint for 2018 as you transform your Body Story and deep dive into the real reasons goals may have not stuck in the past. Peeps, we are talkin’ ‘bout way more than ‘just eatin’. 

How may you truly nourish your body with food that ignites your cells and your soul?

Learn the secrets of eating for pleasure and for health. We will explore how your childhood stories may come into play on your plate, how your self-worth may be tied into your meal choices & how you can shift the story by changing your food, and how to craft cuisine that fuels and rejuvenates. We will consciously consume organic, locally sourced produce and let food be thy medicine. Going home, you will have the wisdom to integrate these teachings into your daily life. You may use this time to release old patterns and detoxify your body while having one-on-one support from a certified detoxification specialist.

How do you carry yourself in the world?
Do you stand in your True North?

Does your body move with ease and grace? Do you experience both groundedness and levity in your life? Can you feel your prana, your life force, flow through and around you? During this retreat, we will utilize the practices and techniques of Baptiste Yoga, Yin, Restorative and Yoga Nidra to engage body, mind, and spirit on a journey into the center of your personal power. 

These tools of transformation invite you to realize and manifest what is most important to you, and encourages you to rediscover your creativity, authenticity, and confidence. Be inspired as we gather, meditate and practice overlooking the clean, clear, deep sapphire blue caldera lake set into the lush forest in a remote corner of Laguna de Apoya Nature Reserve. Does it get any better? 
What is your soul’s sacred blueprint? What calls to you from the depth of your being? What you desire, desires you. 

To manifest is to incarnate, to make flesh- therefore you must tap into the reservoir of your body’s wisdom to pleasurably and gracefully align with your goals and desires. Unearth habits and stories you are ready to let go of and release that which is not serving you! What stands between you and what you feel compelled to manifest? Can you be present enough to hear, see, taste, smell and feel the directives from your higher Self? Step into the manifestation of that which you desire as we hold space for you to co-create consciously with the God our your understanding. Often our creative and intuitive forces get blocked by old stagnant energies that limit our ability to manifest a deeply satisfying life full of purpose and potential. Unleash your destiny by opening and clearing yourself as a channel for divine grace. It is from this place of clear vision that you can set your sights on your True North, take intentional, right action and set-up the foundational pieces to bring your heart’s true mission into existence.

Set your soul free in 2018 to what makes you come alive in your body.

We will work a little, play a lot, laugh, cry and quite possibly snort and fart together. We will spend time alone and in community as we reconnect to our purpose and passion. We will be and just be. 
Your retreat includes...
Wake up to the sounds of the forest in a remote corner of Laguna de Apoyo Nature Reserve. Feel the cool breeze as you dive into your invigorating yoga flow. Enjoy seasonal, organic, locally sourced plant based meals through the day. Paddle around the stunning 200 centuries old, 200 meter deep healing waters of the crater lagoon.
Awaken the healthy woman inside and nourish your body in a way that feeds your soul.
  •  5 nights private or shared accommodation at Apoyo Lodge in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua
  •  Round trip private airport shuttle service 
  •  3 Clean, locally inspired, plant-based meals per day 
  •  Fresh smoothies and juice all day, as desired!
  •  Unlimited herbal tea, fresh lime, cucumber and coconut water
  •  Natural products (hand soap, shampoo and conditioner made locally) to help you detox your skin during your stay with us
  •  Daily maid service 
  •  Unlimited WiFi (we recommend you unplug and enjoy a technology detox during the week)
  •  Daily Invigorating Morning Meditation & Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga
  •  Daily Afternoon/Early Evening Yin Restorative and Yoga Nidra
  •  Daily immersion workshops and trainings to re-awaken the joy of BEing in your body and create a nourishing relationship with food; detoxification, emotional eating, self-love and more! 
  •  Group paddle board expedition on Laguna de Apoyo Crater Lagoon 
  •  One-on-one session with Crystal to begin dreaming and creating your wellness blueprint for 2018 
  •  Food demonstration workshop to explore local culinary delights 
  •  Ceremonies, dance parties, and lots of chill time, nap time, exploration time, and no time at all. Who needs tick-tock says the clock with the natural rhythms of your body to guide you?

Does not include:

  • Flights to and from Nicaragua
  • Additional massage therapies, manicure/pedicure, dance lessons, or additional excursions off the resort.  

What is my investment?

$1800 USD *Shared Room*

Non-Refundable Deposit
A $600 USD non-refundable deposit is required in order to confirm your space. Payment can be made via PayPal or Credit Card.

*Private rooms available upon early request (before October 1st) at a higher rate. Please contact for more information.

Space is limited!
We are only able to accommodate the first thirteen women to reserve their space.

Reserve my space now.
By paying the deposit you understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions. 

If you'd like to pay using a service other than PayPal, contact us at:

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Meet your hosts!
Crystal Gordon, Certified Regenerative Detoxification Specialist, emotional eating coach, and owner of Color Me Kale. After struggling with her weight, an autoimmune dis-ease, chronic pain, and fatigue for over 15 years, she was able to heal herself naturally through the art of detoxification and self-love. Her coaching is a blend of science, self-care, and an exploration into our fears and resistance to change. She works with those who are ready to find out and release the true cause of their discomfort so they can feel free, confident, and energized in their body once again.
Brandy Berlin, MA, RYT500, is a Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher and co-owner of Namaspa Yoga Community in Bend and Redmond, Oregon. Brandy leads powerful, playful and insightful classes, workshops and retreats that inspire and embolden participants to break open their forbidden happiness. This exuberantly elegant, ironically sincere, fanatically balanced being frequently lights herself on fire with passion--and people come from miles around to watch her burn. Also, it should be noted that laughter through tears is her favorite emotion. Be well and have fun at Brandy Berlin Yoga.
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