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Current Retreats

Bali, Wellness & Detoxification New Year Retreat

January 3-10 2019

Start off your new year with healing and personal growth. Get right into healthy habits in a positive environment with a group of people on the same journey. Learn about how to achieve real health and vitality longterm. Cultivate your positive mind and body practices in our healing space so that you can bring those habits forth for the rest of your year and beyond.

Retreats are a transformational experience and we would love to guide you into growth and renewal for the new year in our calm and cleansing retreat center free from distraction and responsibility. This week will be all about taking care of you and giving you the tools, support, time and space to reflect on your bodies needs and address your health concerns- mental, physical and spiritual. Read more.

Past Retreats

Nicaragua, Eat. Move. Manifest. Wellness Retreat, 2017

Do you yearn to establish a more intimate relationship between your physical and spiritual self and bring more pleasure into your feminine body?

The energy you put in is the energy you get out, so how do you nourish yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually? Explore the physical and emotional side of your body’s messages and signals, get to the root of discomfort, and learn how to release stuck energy blocking you from your vitality and freedom.

Before stepping into 2018, you will leave behind stuck energy that is blocking you from vitality and freedom and feel more connected to your true nature and bring in the New Year with calm clarity, joy-filled expression, and passion.

What will you leave behind? What are you calling in? Read more.