Testimonials - Color Me Kale

“I was always such a perfectionist and felt that NEEDING support was weak or that I ‘should’ be able to do all these things on my own. I was 1 year into my Detox journey and I couldn’t ‘white knuckle’ it any longer and come from a place of restriction and food guilt. 

When I started working with Crystal this all transformed, both from her coaching but also attending her amazing retreats! My growth, change, and healing emotionally and physically catapulted my life into the direction that I had desired for so long and didn’t have the support. 

Crystal listens. She cares. She is very in-tune to what you need and is bold enough to say exactly what you need to hear. 

I cannot express the true impact that working with Crystal has had on my life.

I’ve learned that getting daily support is the strongest, best, and smartest thing I could have ever done and will continue to do for myself and my future self. Fear and scarcity will not run my life anymore and I cannot thank Crystal enough for her love and support.”  

Laura Siebert

“Working with Crystal has inspired me to do what I have always wanted to do, but never had the motivation to do on my own. When I started experiencing symptoms of Interstitial Cystitis, I knew I wanted to take the holistic route in order to heal my body. In the last month or so I have been working on detoxing through her program and not only have my bladder issues subsided, but symptoms that I thought were “normal” have also vanished. I have always experienced PMS and have had extremely painful cramping and bloating for the first few days of menstruation. To my own disbelief, my last menstruation came and went without any of those symptoms! I was unaware of how the foods I thought to be healthy were affecting my body. This is only the beginning of my healing journey, but I am happy to say that I can feel brain fog being lifted, I am feeling more energized, and I am sleeping so much better. I believe this is not only due to the detoxing, but also the routine Crystal has inspired me to create for myself. With so much light and positive energy, she is teaching me the greatest gift of all: self-love.”
Ashlyn Emberton

“I joined P3 [the Plant Powered Plate] for moral support on a healthier journey and for more recipes. I love all the weekly focus areas, the tips, and most of all, it helped hold me accountable to the journey I’ve selected for my life! After this program,I have more energy and a better understanding of my own personal challenges.”

“I joined the 21 Day Detox to accelerate my journey to optimum wellness through community support. Working with Crystal is powerful, engaging, encouraging, life-changing… and JOYFUL! Working with Crystal has given me the ability to redesign what I eat every day (and enjoy it), focusing on veggies and fruits without any animal protein. Also, I have felt buoyed up throughout by Crystal’s upbeat and joyful energy. I don’t want it to end — I want that connection to continue for a long time!”

“The 21 Day Detox program was very clear, attractive, friendly, and included essential information. I now have a noticeable decrease in pain, a healthier relationship with food, happiness, and a better knowledge of and trust in the detox process. I feel really supported and Crystal is a ray of sunshine!”


“I joined the 21 Day Detox to regenerate and heal my body. The most tangible change I have noticed while working with Crystal has been a noticeable decrease in pain, and gained confidence in the ability my body has to get back to health. This program was perfect, generous, and complete. It really made a difference.”


“I joined the 21 Day Detox to find ways to transition from detox. I have been on Dr. Morse’s fruit diet for five months. Crystal’s spirit and love was so helpful. Her encouragement made me want to continue eating alkaline foods. Overall, my experience working with Crystal was exceptional! After finishing the program, I have a desire to continue eating healthy.”


“Crystal Gordon is your go to around anything detox, emotional eating and food. I’ve pretty much cried every single one of our sessions because of how heard and held I feel. I never thought I’d work with someone to help with my issues around food but it got so out of control that when I watched a video she did, I immediately knew I needed to hire her. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made and she has helped tremendously with the emotional side + understanding how my body works and why certain things happen. I’m forever grateful.”

Brittany Zeman

“I experienced more energy, more awareness of what my body likes and doesn’t like, and a change in the way my clothes fit. I have recommended this program to quite a few people and will continue to do so. Crystal is a bright ray of sunshine with so much wisdom for her age. I love her authenticity and deep compassion to help others.”

Rebecca Reynolds

Here is what Kathy experienced on the 21 day detox. “…Less cravings, better sleep, weight loss, skin looks much better, and I love all the recipes! Worth all of the time, effort, sweat and money.

Kathy McArthur

“During the 21 Day Detox I had less cravings, shed 14 pounds, feel better overall and have more energy! Crystal is professional and loves what she does.”


“I no longer have Candida or deal with depression!”

Mariam D. Kurdghelaidze Anderson

“I visited my gynecologist as a checkup for my (former) endometriosis. I say former because the doctor says there is no sign of it in my body and my ovaries and uterus are in perfect condition!”


I have noticed significant differences in my partner since she began working with Crystal six months ago. She’s happier, her moods have stabilized, she has a better understanding and a healthier attitude about food, and she has become much more motivated to take initiative in healing herself. Working with Crystal has given her the tools she needs to tackle her health effectively and has been 100% worth the investment for us. All the light, delicious recipes (which I happily help her eat) are just an added bonus!”


“I wasn’t being mindful of my eating habits and regretted poor food choices. I wanted to incorporate more nutrient based choices into my daily routine- fruits, veggies, smoothies, supplements, and eliminating things that were holding me back (caffeine, dairy, processed sugars).

So far, after working with Crystal my energy level has increased, my positive attitude is hanging around a lot longer throughout my day, and I’ve been in touch with inner strength that I’ve been avoiding the last few years! By far it’s the fact that it’s not just about a ‘diet’ or ‘food regimen’, it’s about an approach that focuses on what makes me happy on an individual basis. Getting to know more about me and my life, my challenges, and my personal concerns and making suggestions based on that rather than spoon feeding me a formulated program!

Crystal is so open and shares her story and her experiences in a way that helps others. Her approach is flexible and focused on her clients’ needs and challenges. She is available, she is approachable, and she is responsive. I’ve suggested that my family members and friends check out CMK for a potential solution to food-related issues they have shared.

I contacted CMK (Crystal) just wanting some helpful tips. What I am getting is just so much more….it’s about a lifestyle, about forgiveness and about making deliberate attempts at improving my daily living. It’s not about a ‘diet’ it’s about a strategic approach and Crystal is willing to be a champion in anything I’m doing to make improvements, even in areas that are not necessarily food related! She is awesome! You rock Kale Queen!”

Robert Kirkendoll

“Crystal is such a kind, compassionate and completely dedicated practitioner. Her mission to “spread the health” is genuine and whole hearted. She is able to work with you in a way that meets you exactly where you are. There has never been a moment in my working with her that I felt judged, pushed, or manipulated. Her gentle way of teaching is an invitation to holistic healing. With Crystal, you tap into healing on all levels, and you don’t have to overhaul your entire lifestyle all at once. She helps you make small, sustainable changes that feel good and doable for you NOW.

She roots for you, sees the potential of your Now, and encourages you to seek healing within rather than by depriving yourself. She sees you as perfect just the way you are, not making changes because there is anything wrong with you but because you Want to simply because it Feels Good.

In the last year, I have come from feeling hateful towards my body to loving it in all that it teaches me. I have gone from being totally overwhelmed by all the changes I thought I “should” make but didn’t feel like I could, to honoring where my body is now and truly looking forward to my continued journey of healing- not dreading it. It’s powerful. If you are looking for deep intrinsic healing and not just another throw away diet where you end up resenting yourself- you are looking for Crystal and her team at Color Me Kale. I was unsure at first, afraid to spend more money and feel no different, but the opposite was true. Take the leap, treat yourself to something truly healing! I am so glad I did!”

Rebecca Christ

“I’ve been in Lyme treatment for 2 years now with many extreme symptoms… [Working with Crystal] I added these amazingly healthy foods and it was like a huge reality check.

I’m noticing some pretty big improvements that I wasn’t expecting. For the past few years, I’ve had really muffled hearing- it’s been awful. A few nights ago, my right ear suddenly began to unplug, and then I could feel it oozing. Low and behold, I had some awful stuff come out about 15 minutes later. I couldn’t believe it! Today, I could feel the left side beginning to do the same.

Also, for 2 years since starting Lyme treatment my feet have been a very dark red- nearly purple. My left foot is back to normal and my right foot is nearly there. I’m so excited over this. 

Just have to share because I’m so excited- I began easing into more of a vegan diet from a paleo diet one week ago… Well, I took my measurements tonight and I’m down 8.5 inches!! I’m completely shocked, but happy the inflammation is going down and I’m on the right path to a healthier me!”

Tanna Block

“I was referred to Crystal for help after battling some serious stomach bloating for way, way too long. I looked like I was 6 months pregnant! We Skyped, and she asked me a lot of questions in a choose-your-own-adventure style. Within about 2 weeks I had an almost flat stomach with INCHES gone in just the past 3-4 days and dropping more. She knew exactly what to ask to narrow down my symptoms and didn’t stop at weight gain or just a gluten allergy. I’ll be going back to Crystal for more ongoing help as we try to get my reactions under control — she knows her stuff for sure!”

Kelly Clay

Crystal has supported me with cleansing my body from infections I have been dealing with my whole life. I never knew that something so simple could do this – I’m so beyond grateful for her leadership.

After only 5 months, I’m a new woman. I completely healed my adrenals and my skin is like velvet!

Crystal is a big ball of light! Yellow sunlight to be exact! She motivates me just with how she lives her life…if I was with someone else I would probably crash and burn. I really rely on her energy through this.

Crystal stands out because she is a true authentic woman who lives her life on purpose and she knows exactly her purpose. She is driven and motivated which flows over to me. If you’re curious about Crystal, be curious! She has lots of gifts to share with the world! I am a natural skeptic so I was kind of blown away when I met her. She really is authentic and that’s rare these days. Just jump in and see what all this talk about Crystal is! Take your power back and be nice to your body…Crystal is the perfect coach for this!”

Jessica Fields

“I was so frustrated with all of the various dietary recommendations: eat protein, don’t eat meat, eat fats, eat low fat, use this shake, eat this raw food diet, etc. I found myself wondering what was the best?

I love Crystal’s approach to eating simple, excellent tasting foods that are healthy without all of the reliance on this or that specialty item. I found the recipes were simple and yet so flavorful that I never felt like I was cleansing! And yet, I felt great and my system was cleansed!

I felt so supported by Crystal! She is such a giving and nurturing person and really willing to see me as an individual with unique needs that she would work to support. I know that she wants me to feel and be the best that I can. Her enthusiasm for great tasting, healthy food is so inspiring too!

I have incorporated several pieces of the cleanse into my daily routine – morning lemon elixir, simple soups to pack for my lunches, so many great ideas for smoothies and snacks to appease my hunger between meals! I also appreciated the knowledge Crystal shared about food pairing and gut health and inflammation. I learned an immense amount!

I have recommended the New Year cleanse to a friend and she loved it! My husband and family have taken to the recipes I shared with great enthusiasm!”

Erin McCusker

“This program was Educational, flexible, habit changing, supportive and inspiring! I look at food very differently now; I see food as nourishment for my body and not instant gratification. I loved the Facebook group, videos, recipes and daily texts! I loved having a support system.

During the program I lost 17 pounds and my husband lost 23 pounds! This program was a little bit like couples’ therapy exercise for us. We were a communicative couple already but now it is more a life change that we are choosing to do together. I would definitely say that this experience is life changing for us and me individually.”

Katie McAndrew

Going on this health journey with Crystal is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. I’ve been to therapy, tried every diet As Seen on TV, and then resorted to buckets of chocolate ice cream- and nothing (ice cream included) has even begun to scratch the surface of what’s really going on here. But walking with Crystal feels different. This isn’t like therapy where you go sit and cry for an hour and then come back in two weeks and do the same. Crystal is always there- a warm, supportive, non-judgmental sunbeam of love and support.

There’s a difference between having supportive friends and family- people who want me to get better, but aren’t sure how to help- and having Crystal in my life. Maybe with years of hard work and study I might have finally figured this all out on my own. But I’m so glad I don’t have to.

Working with Crystal is unlike traditional diets or therapy that hand you a hammer and nails and say “now you have tools- get to work!” With Crystal, you still get the hammer and nails, but you also get the lumber and the landscaping and even a helping hand! Before you know it, you’re reconstructing your entire idea of who you are and who you want to be and laying the foundation for a structure that won’t fall down when the diet ends in four weeks. Because it’s not a diet. And it’s not just therapy. You’re building something that will be strong enough to last you a lifetime.

When you sign up with Crystal you’re getting so much more than a nutrition coach. She IS a nutrition coach, but she’s also a chef that share her recipes, a spiritualist that radiates peace, a teacher that inspires, and a friend that encourages love.

For the first time in my life I have hope. This changes everything.”

Heather Clayton

“Crystal’s program is easy to follow and very educational. I won the first round, but loved it so much I did it a second time and have referred lots of friends! The biggest difference I noticed after doing the program was feeling better and recognizing when my body doesn’t like certain foods. She was always there to support me and answer ​my questions, I would recommend this program to everyone. Crystal is amazing!”

Angie Guy

“Crystal is so fun to work with! And she really cares about you! Her program was easy to follow and so full of yumminess and healthy goodness that was easy to make. I have a totally different view on myself and food! It was so fun to go through the process and notice the differences in my body.”

Willow Eskridge

“This program is fantastic! I loved the audio recordings. Crystal teaches you to eat in a way that lights you up about life, food and yourself! I totally took big leaps on my grocery shopping distaste during the program. I understand more about gut health and have an advocate for healthy eating that I know will support me! Crystal is an exceptional advocate, coach and educator.”

Sophie Suberman

“This program is Amazing! Easy, fun, practical, and delicious! I am inspired by Crystal’s enthusiasm and passion for healthy, delicious food. I also appreciate her for sharing her personal experience with emotional eating, being 40 pounds heavier, and having acne. Her story totally mirrored my own! AND the beautiful, user friendly program guide was packed full of useful information and amazing recipes!

I would recommend working with Crystal to every woman who loves delicious food (including chocolate desserts) and desires to create a healthy, loving, nourishing relationship with food. I am filled with gratitude for the wisdom, love, and support I received from Crystal. Plus, during the program I went from a size 12/14 to size 8/10. I feel amazing!

Hillery Berteaux

“Crystal Gordon has one of the dearest hearts! Her tender demeanor is easy to relate to especially in the midst of emotions associated with the food addiction epidemic we are all victims of. This lady knows her stuff and makes it exciting and sensual to explore new foods. I almost forgot I was mid detox because all her recipes are so delicious and left me feeling energized and radiant! Working with Crystal is a must if you care at all about your holistic health. I am beyond grateful! She is so masterfully skilled that I now fly her out to all my exclusive events and retreats for catering and to impart her cutting edge dietary wisdom.”

Rachel Alcyone