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Raise your hand if you’re sick of hating on your body, confused about your food, but can’t for the life of you see a way out.

You are not the only one.

I’m going to come right out and ask. How did you feel about yourself when you looked in the mirror this morning, just before you sat down for another long day of meetings, calls, and a whole plate full of daily chores?


Did you admire the natural curves you were blessed with – or did you pinch at your belly while cursing under your breath?

Did you see confidence staring back at you – or did your confidence get tossed into the trash long ago with those old clothes you thought didn’t look good on you any more?

It’s ok, I think I know the answers. And they break my heart.


There is nothing wrong with you. Not even close. Looking at yourself and wanting to cry a river of salty tears is not a punishment you deserve. But being self-conscious about your body and eating your emotions is not a life-sentence. It is something you can change – without sacrificing all the foods you get pleasure from. (Because sacrifice is no fun. Everyone needs a chocolate chip cookie from time to time.)

My bet is that, deep down:

You crave living in a body you understand, sans mood swings, bloat and dull looking skin.
You WANT to wear clothes you actually like and not just a baggy sweater because it hides your love handles.
You WANT to feel sexy when it’s time to turns the lights down low with your lover.

And that’s exactly what you deserve – and WANT. You just don’t have it. Yet…

So, how the heck do you get it? I’m going to guess that you feel like the one person who can’t have what they want because you’re too busy making sure everyone else is ok. Too busy giving everyone else the attention. Too busy full stop.

The thing is, being so busy giving your love to your family, your friends, your job, and doing the laundry, paying the bills, and keeping the house clean, means you end up neglecting the most important person of all. You.

That’s what needs to change before anything else can.


I want you to give yourself permission to put yourself first, for once.

Then I want you to learn how to love your body again, or for the first time.

All by eating fresh, mouth-watering meals that are so quick you won’t have to chain yourself to the kitchen – or be tempted to call for another take out.

I  reckon we want the same things.

That’s why I created Alive & Energized, the easiest and most supportive one-on-one coaching program to help you fall in love with your body and shed weight in 3-6-12 months.

I’m Crystal, Detoxification Specialist with an expertise in digestion, adrenal fatigue, and hormonal health. And I’ve been exactly where you are. A few years back, I struggled with weight gain, acne, low energy, low self-esteem, as well as digestive and auto-immune issues that left me in pain every single day. I ate to make myself feel better. Except, it didn’t make me feel better at all. And I still hated my body. But I managed to totally transform my health (and my happiness) by making sustainable, plant-based food choices that were so tasty I forgot about ice-cream – Just kidding! I still enjoy ice cream, just the vegan kind. Now I want to show you exactly how you can transform your health doing the same thing.

This is perfect for you  if:


You’re hopelessly overworked, overwhelmed, and overcome with a desire to ditch some weight and have more energy.

You’re a serial dieter but know (just like everyone else) they don’t work and they’re not sustainable long-term.
You know you want to make healthier choices but you have no idea what those choices should be – and you have little time to devote to figuring them out on your own, anyways.
Your hormones AND your digestion are out of whack and you are ready to figure out WHY and HOW to restore your body back into balance.

Above all, you want to feel like YOU again. And this war with food needs to stop. This constant battle of trying to find ways to actually be healthy and feel good, is starting to make you crazy. And is leading you to feel food is the enemy.

Nothing should stop you from wearing those tailored pants like a boss, having sex so electric you’ll upset the neighbors, or feeling like whatever you wear you can take on the entire world.

Nothing. Not even yourself.

Here’s what I’ve got cooking for us.

Two virtual or in-person sessions each month…

…where we work through what’s going on in your mind and what’s going into your mouth, so you can shed weight the easiest way possible with constant support. When you look at your reflection and want to cry, I’ll be there. When you want nothing more than a take-out pizza, I’ll be there. When you celebrate dropping a dress-size, I’ll be there.

Short, easy-to-consume videos and how-to’s…

…step-by-step videos of recipes, self-care rituals, and gut-loving tips so you can create a personalized plan to wellness with ease. No more guessing games in the kitchen, bathroom, or during your busy day.

Investment is $6,000 for a 6 month program. 


Flexible, plant-based meal plans that are…

…1) lip-smackingly delicious 2) easy peasy to rustle up in minutes 3) specially personalized for your busy lifestyle.

Access to my 7-week Plant Powered Plate program…

…so you have a wider support network and oodles of recipes, video tutorials, helpful handouts, and more!

Recorded Video or Notes from each session…

…so you can refer back to them any time you want – or need – to.

A few surprises…

…sent by snail mail, with love (of course).


And it starts with a hello that’s completely free. Want to see if we jam well together? Click the button below and let’s talk possibilities.


This program is not one size fits all. Because one size does not fit all.

Whatever your size, whatever your weight, whatever your struggles, whatever your dreams, we’ll create a plan that helps you make quick and healthy meals, shed the weight you’ve been trying to get rid of forever, and fall hopelessly in love with the you on the inside as well as the you on the outside.

You don’t have to do this alone any more. I’ve got you, girl. But you can’t put your trust in me until you put some trust in yourself. Don’t you think it’s time?

Baby steps. Bigger steps. Quick. Slow. Whatever suits you, suits me.

If Tina Turner ever asked me WHAAAAT’S love got to do, got to do with it?

I’d say, well, Tina, everything.

With all my love,

PS – Here’s that button again. Go say yes to yourself.