You want to love food AND your body – at the same time.

It might sound like mission impossible, but it’s not. Yes, it’s true that delicious and ‘diet-friendly’ don’t usually go hand in hand, but it’s also true that I hate the word diet – and I’m betting you do too.


Color Me Kale isn’t all about kale. Or unappetising salads. Or any other rabbit food. It’s about:

Food so delicious you’ll want seconds.

Recipes so quick you’ll have time to spare.

A body so purposefully nourished you’ll learn to love it again.

If I know you, you’re short on time, but you’re not short on stress. About what to eat, how you look, and the way you feel. Thing is, life is too short to stress about all that. Which is why I’m so happy you’re here.

I’m Crystal, Emotional Eating & Digestive Wellness Health Coach, and this is Color Me Kale, the online healthy living haven for busy women like you who want to shed weight without shedding their sanity. This is where you’ll discover how to fall in love your body at the same time as eating plant-based oh-my-goodness-this-is-insanely-yummy food. Food you can feed the whole family with (yep, really). Food like:

Turmeric Cauliflower Steaks with Naughty (but very VERY nice) Green Sauce
Grain-Free Berry Crumble
Pesto Pea Soup
Chocolate Sunbutter Bites
Maple Glazed Pears with Raw Caramel Sauce

Drooling yet?

I’m all for making your life simpler and loaded with love. Both for the food you eat and the body you have. There are two equally delightful ways we can work together, you just have to pick your favorite…


“In the last year I have come from feeling hateful towards my body to loving it in all that it teaches me. I have gone from being totally overwhelmed by all the changes I thought I ‘should’ make but didn’t feel like I could, to honoring where my body is now and truly looking forward to my continued journey of healing- not dreading it. It’s powerful. If you are looking for deep intrinsic healing and not just another throw away diet where you end up resenting yourself you are looking for Crystal and her team at Color Me Kale. I was unsure at first, afraid to spend more money and feel no different, but the opposite was true. Take the leap, treat yourself to something truly healing! I am so glad I did!”

Rebecca Christ